Our 2012 – 2013 Donors

The following individuals have made contributions to Dramashop’s 2012-2013 Supporting Players drive, with donations totaling $3,052 and surpassing our stretch goal of $3,000!

PRODUCER level [$500 or more]:
Don and Susan Baxter

DIRECTOR level [$250 – $499]:
Bill Williams

PLAYWRIGHT level [$100 – $249]:
Charlie Corritore
Elizabeth Elliott
Valerie Mowad
Bryan Rall
Al & Peggy Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Shearman
Ken & Tessie Staaf
Roberta Stoughton

ACTOR level [$25 – $99]:
Melissa Adzima
Kyle Blount
Jennifer Ciccone
Shawn & Almi Clerkin
Domenic Del Greco
Joe & Vicki Del Greco
Nicole Dohoda
Zach Flock & Jessica Ciccone
Michael Haas
Craig Kosnik
Tracey Lucas
Alaina Manchester
Robert Martin
Maribeth McCarthy
Dave & Christine Pennsy
Chuck and Marge Phillips
Marjorie Podolsky
Luis Pontillo & Brianna Woods
Kelly & Jeff Rodland
Steve & Melanie Gustafson Ropski
Freda Tepfer
Triple Threat Studio
Claudia Valentine

FRIEND level [$1 – $24]:
Kelly Armor
Joe & Betsy Butoryak
Morgan Gore
Sarah Griffin
Erika Krenn
Michael J. Lubas
Joshua Mizikowski
Deborah Morvay
Rich Sargent
Jake Slease
Cathy Widmire