[title of show]

Dramashop ends its second season with a thrilling mainstage production, [title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell. The first and only musical of Dramashop’s 2012-2013 season, the script follows two men desperately trying to write a musical. Their trials and tribulations are raucously funny, while the music is comprised of witty lyrics and […]

In the Next Room or the vibrator play

In October 2012, we’ll present our first mainstage show of the season, “In the Next Room or the vibrator play” by contemporary author Sarah Ruhl. This titillating and heartbreaking look at the world of women’s issues in the late Victorian era was nominated for three Tony awards in 2010. The play centers around a doctor who, in his […]


One of David Mamet’s most recent works,“Race” follows “three attorneys, two black and one white, offered a chance to defend a white man charged with a crime against a black woman.” The plot unfolds as the three lawyers and defendant grapple with the evidence of the case and their own feelings about race. Socially relevant, poignant, and often biting, […]

Reserve tickets for Dramashop’s “The Pillowman”

Cast and crew are hard at work on Dramashop’s final offering of our inaugural season: Martin McDonagh’s chilling play, “The Pillowman.” This haunting tale follows a young writer, Katurian (Michael Haas), as he is interrogated by police officers in a totalitarian state for an undisclosed crime. The good cop, Tupolski (Zach Flock), peppers Katurian with […]