Mainstage: BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON Book by Alex Timbers, Music and Lyrics by  Michael Friedman Fridays & Saturdays, September 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27, 2014 This satirical musical about the seventh U.S. president, reinvented as an “emo” rock star will definitely leave people talking. BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON tells the story of […]


Auditions for our third and final mainstage production of the season, OTHER DESERT CITIES by Jon Robin Baitz, will be held on Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Dramashop, Renaissance Centre, 2nd Floor, 1001 State Street, Erie, PA. This production is directed by Zach Flock, artistic director of […]

We have a home!

For the last two years, we’ve performed and rehearsed anywhere we could. Rehearsals have been held everywhere from the conference room at a law firm to my living room. We’ve performed in the Schuster Theatre, the Renaissance Centre, PACA, and even in a coffeehouse at Gannon. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has opened […]

Season lineup revealed!

Dramashop’s season three lineup was announced by Zach Flock, artistic director, at our Curtain Call Happy Hour on June 26. The season is similar in scope to Dramashop’s recently completed 2012-13 season, with a strong slate of mainstage productions, staged readings, a studio show and a special event. Here’s the rundown in chronological order: SPECIAL […]

What’s next?

Join us in celebration of our recently completed 2012-13 season — and as we reveal an exciting line-up for 2013-14! The event goes from 5-7pm, with remarks from Dramashop’s president, Bryan Rall, and the reveal of our upcoming third season by our artistic director, Zach Flock, at 5:30pm. We’ve got BIG stuff to share with […]

Dramashop makes Erie Reader cover

It’s a chilly Tuesday night, one of those unsurprising Erie evenings when the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the average person’s wishes. Luckily, I’m indoors, where the room is warm and the walls are bright. Bright green, in fact, with the edges of the room seemingly pushed back with shelves full of […]

[title of show]

Dramashop ends its second season with a thrilling mainstage production, [title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell. The first and only musical of Dramashop’s 2012-2013 season, the script follows two men desperately trying to write a musical. Their trials and tribulations are raucously funny, while the music is comprised of witty lyrics and […]

Help Dramashop help our community

We need your support! Theatre isn’t just for people with disposable income. It’s for all of us. That’s why Dramashop makes every effort to keep our ticket prices low. That’s why our Erie Reader Staged Reading Series and our Schuster Fringe Festival productions are free of charge. We know as well as anybody that bills […]

What’s the big deal about race?

It’s a dicey subject. We all have our own notions of its importance. Frankly, it’s a topic most people avoid discussing at all. So we here at Dramashop are wondering: what’s the big deal about race? David Mamet’s play, “Race” is a cleverly crafted play. The author manages to take on the issue of race without coming […]