Our Volunteers

We’re always looking for volunteers to lend a hand! If you want to get involved with Dramashop as an actor, director, technician, committee member or board member, email us at info@dramashop.org.

If you’d like to audition to perform in an upcoming Dramashop production, check our Auditions page.

On the stage and behind the scenes, here are some of the people who have volunteered with Dramashop:

Jessica Annunziata
David Baltusovich
Susan Baxter
Beau Bora
Karla Bretz
Ken Brundage
Chris Bucci
Betsy Butoryak
Kathleen Cahill
Jasse Camacho-Vera
Emily Cassano
Shawn Clerkin
Rebecca Coleman
Casey Conrad-Medvis
Charles Corritore
Matthew Crays
Domenic Del Greco
Khadija Djellouli
Nicole Dohoda
JR Fabin
Jeremy Flock
Jessica Flock
Zach Flock
Katie Forsgren
Matthew Fuchs
Brian Golden
Steph Gottron
Morgan Gore
Tony Gressley
Michael Haas
Ted Hallowell
Tracey Harris Hall
Peggy Hauser
Francis Hayes-Lozada
Jenn Highfill
Valerie Jacques
Danielle Johnson
Lacey Johnson
Justine Julian
Allison Kessler
Nick Kikola
Chelsey Klube
Keefer Kopco
Erika Krenn
Carl Larese
Ariel Leasure
Susan Lechner
Alaina Manchester
Bob Manchester
Denise Manchester
Cristen Manion
Maribeth McCarthy
Nathan McCarty
Josh Mizikowski
Kate Neubert-Lechner
Andrew Novell
Evan O’Polka
Jason Owen
Anthony Palermo
Alyssa Pelinsky
Natalie Pertz
Luis Pontillo
Bryan Rall
Alex Robertson
Stephen Salchili
Amy Seley
Sarah Sgro
Brennan Staaf
Tiffany Stone
Roberta Stoughton
Steve Sullivan
JJ Theisen
Stephen Vitron
Brandon Vogt
Jenna Wagner
B.J. Waide
Patrick Washington
Rebecca Weinheimer
Stephen Wells
Bill Williams
John Wolbrecht