Dramashop’s Vision: Theatre in Process

At Dramashop, we believe there is value in every step of the creative process, not just the end product. We believe there is value in the creation and production of theatrical works, and that much of the magic of theatre happens before the audience arrives.Dramashop aims to engage the community not just in the finished product we produce – innovative contemporary theatre – but as participants in the process of bringing theatre to life and in the exploration of diverse characters, situations and texts. We hope to challenge people to examine society, examine themselves and see our world from alternative viewpoints.

Dramashop will empower creative people, including actors, writers, directors and designers, with opportunities to develop their skills, explore their talents and make connections with other artists. We will provide free and low-cost educational opportunities designed to challenge people to find their inner artists and explore their own creative talents as a means of personal growth.

We believe theatre is a powerful art form and a significant agent for change. Through the exploration of theatre, we can achieve a greater understanding of our world and a greater understanding of ourselves.


  1. Danielle says:

    I love the added presence of powerful off-Broadway work through local talent. Over the summer this year I attended some a sketch productions of plays written by new artists. By sketch I mean the house only built a minimal set in order to let the next minimal stage set get raised quickly and the actors read their scripts throughout the play. These barebones productions primarily provided the audience a forum for witnessing the process of arriving at a finished play. These shows allow the audience to provide the cast, crew, and the playwright feedback on their work at the curtain close. I loved the low-cost access to a quick succession of plays, and viewing a script still-in-process showed me ways to tighten my own playwriting. I loved the fact that the plays were selected as a result of a writing competition as well. So despite the fact that the plays were only early drafts, the selection process still managed to reveal strong, original plays. I have since wished that Erie would incorporate this gold mine into its theater arena. Do you see this type of play workshop as a tenable effort within Dramashop’s creative vision?