I think I speak for the entire company when I say that working on ANGELS IN AMERICA has been a profound experience. This pair of productions has challenged us creatively, tested our capacity and reminded us why we do theatre in the first place. We’re storytellers. Something inside of us drives us to tell stories to each other and about each other, about our culture, about what it means to be human. That’s what ANGELS IN AMERICA is about: what it means to be human. It’s a story about all of us.

This weekend, this extraordinary chapter in the history of Dramashop closes with the final two performances – tonight and Saturday at 7pm – of ANGELS IN AMERICA: PART TWO, PERESTROIKA. As this production comes to an end, we’re grateful for this shared experience, humbled by the power of this work, and eager to keep moving ahead.

Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for continuing to support theatre in process.

Zach Flock, Artistic Director


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At Dramashop, we believe there is value in every step of the creative process, not just the end product. We believe there is value in the creation and production of theatrical works, and that much of the magic of theatre happens before the audience arrives.

Dramashop aims to engage the community not just in the finished product we produce – innovative contemporary theatre – but as participants in the process of bringing theatre to life and in the exploration of diverse characters, situations and texts. We hope to challenge people to examine society, examine themselves and see our world from alternative viewpoints.

Dramashop will empower creative people, including actors, writers, directors and designers, with opportunities to develop their skills, explore their talents and make connections with other artists. We will provide free and low-cost educational opportunities designed to challenge people to find their inner artists and explore their own creative talents as a means of personal growth.

We believe theatre is a powerful art form and a significant agent for change. Through the exploration of theatre, we can achieve a greater understanding of our world and a greater understanding of ourselves.



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